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OA0-002 Android Application Engineer(R) Certifications Basic

Article by Killexams Android Certification Experts

Killexams OA0-002 existent Questions Sample

OA0-002 Certification Brain Dumps Source : Android Application Engineer(R) Certifications Basic

Test Code : OA0-002
Test name : Android Application Engineer(R) Certifications Basic
Vendor name : Android
: 139 existent Test Questions/Answers

Android Application Engineer(R) Certifications

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Android app for Engineering students | existent questions with brain dumps

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a=o.infants.eq(o.children.length-1);n=a.position(),s=o.viewport.width()-a.outerWidth()elsevar l=o.children.length-o.settings.minSlides;n=o.babies.eq(l).place()else if(o.carousel&&o.energetic.closing&&"prev"==i)var d=1==o.settings.moveSlides?o.settings.maxSlides-m():(x()-1)*m()-(o.little ones.size-o.settings.maxSlides),a=r.little ones(".bx-clone").eq(d);n=a.position()else if("next"==i&&0==o.energetic.index)n=r.find("> .bx-clone").eq(o.settings.maxSlides).position(),!1;else if(e>=0)var c=e*m();n=o.little ones.eq(c).position()if("undefined"!=typeof n)var g="horizontal"==o.settings.mode?-(n.left-s):-n.exact;b(g,"slide",o.settings.speed),r.goToNextSlide=feature()if(o.settings.infiniteLoop,r.goToPrevSlide=characteristic(),r.startAuto=feature(t)o.interval,r.stopAuto=function(t)o.interval&&(clearInterval(o.interval),o.interval=null,o.settings.autoControls&&1!=t&&A("beginning")),r.getCurrentSlide=feature()return o.lively.index,r.getSlideCount=feature()return o.infants.length,r.redrawSlider=function()o.little ones.add(r.locate(".bx-clone")).outerWidth(u()),o.viewport.css("height",p()),o.settings.ticker,r.destroySlider=function()o.initialized&&(o.initialized=!1,t(".bx-clone",this).remove(),o.infants.each(characteristic()void 0!=t(this).records("origStyle")?t(this).attr("fashion",t(this).facts("origStyle")):t(this).removeAttr("vogue")),void 0!=t(this).records("origStyle")?this.attr("style",t(this).information("origStyle")):t(this).removeAttr("vogue"),t(this).unwrap().unwrap(),o.controls.el&&o.controls.el.remove(),,o.controls.prev&&o.controls.prev.eliminate(),o.pagerEl&&o.pagerEl.get rid of(),t(".bx-caption",this).get rid of(),o.controls.autoEl&&o.controls.autoEl.remove(),clearInterval(o.interval),o.settings.responsive&&t(window).unbind("resize",B)),r.reloadSlider=function(t)void 0!=t&&(n=t),r.destroySlider(),d(),d(),this(jQuery); /************************************************************************** * @identify Zozo UI Tabs * @descripton Create staggering tabbed content material locality * @edition 6.5 * @Licenses: http://codecanyon.web/licenses/ * @requires jQuery v1.7 or later * @copyright Copyright (c) 2013 Zozo UI * @writer Zozo UI * @URL: * This info may noiseless live not utilized in production. ***************************************************************************/ /** * jQuery.browser.cell ( **/ ; (feature (a) 02)(navigator.userAgent || navigator.supplier || window.opera); ; (feature ($, window, document, undefined) { if (!window.console) window.console = ; if (!window.console.log) window.console.log = characteristic () ; $.fn.prolong( hasClasses: office (selectors) var _base = this; for (i in selectors) if ($(_base).hasClass(selectors[i])) recur real; recur false; ); $.zozo = ; $.zozo.core = ; $.zozo.core.console = debug: false, log: characteristic (message) if ($("#zozo-console").length != 0) $("") .css( marginTop: -24 ) .html(message) .prependTo("#zozo-console") .animate( marginTop: 0 , 300) .animate( 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transition: inaccurate ; $.zozo.core.utils = toArray: office (_object) recur $.map(_object, feature (cost, key) recur price; ); , createHeader: office (_t, _c) var _tab = $("
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//_container.removeClass(ANIMATINGCLASS); , _duration); else //lem.display().animate(_prop, _elem.animate(_prop, period: _duration, easing: _easing, complete: feature () // _base.settings.animating = false; if (_post) _elem.css(_post); // _container.removeClass(ANIMATINGCLASS); if (_hidePre) _elem.cover(); ); recur _base; ; $.zozo.core.plugins = easing: office (_base) var _exist = false; if (_base) if (_base.settings) //deploy a default value for relieving var _defEasing = 'swing'; // assess for the being of the easing plugin if ($.easing.def) _exist = proper; else if (_base.settings.animation.easing != 'swing' && _base.settings.animation.easing != 'linear') _base.settings.animation.easing = _defEasing; recur _exist; ; $.zozo.core.browser = init: office () this.searchVersion(navigator.appVersion) , isIE: characteristic (_version) if ($.zozo.core.utils.isNumber(_version)) recur (this.browser === "Explorer" && this.edition <= _version) else recur (this.browser === "Explorer") , isChrome: characteristic (_version) if ($.zozo.core.utils.isNumber(_version)) recur (this.browser === "Chrome" && this.version <= _version) else recur (this.browser === "Chrome") , searchString: feature (statistics) for (var i = 0; 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for (var i = 0; i < hash.size; i++) recur hashArray; , get: characteristic (key, _sep) var complete = this.all(_sep); if (this.isSimple(_sep)) recur all; else if (typeof complete === 'undefined' , set: office (key, price, _sep, _mod) if (this.isSimple(_sep)) doc.region.hash = value; else if (_mod === "dissimilar") var complete = this.all(_sep); var hash = []; all[key] = cost; for (var key in all) hash.push(key + _sep + all[key]); doc.location.hash = hash.join('&'); else document.area.hash = key + _sep + price; , isSimple: characteristic (_sep) if (!_sep , hasHash: feature () var hash = document.vicinity.hash; if (hash.length > 0) recur proper; else recur false; ; $.zozo.core.aid.css.transition = $"transition"); $.zozo.core.browser.init(); )(jQuery, window, doc); ; (feature ($) $.experience.special.ztap = // Abort faucet if contact moves additional than 10 pixels in any course distanceThreshold: 10, // Abort faucet if contact lasts longer than half a 2nd timeThreshold: 500, //isTouchSupported: 'ontouchstart' in window ; )(jQuery); ;(function ($, window, doc, undefined) { if (window.zozo == null) window.zozo = ; var ZozoTabs = office (elem, options) this.elem = elem; this.$elem = $(elem); this.alternate options = options; this.metadata = (this.$elem.statistics("alternatives")) ? this.$"alternatives") : ; this.attrdata = (this.$elem.statistics()) ? this.$elem.records() : ; this.tabID; this.$tabGroup; this.$mobileNav; this.$mobileDropdownArrow; this.$tabs; this.$container; this.$contents; this.autoplayIntervalId; this.resizeWindowIntervalId; this.currentTab; this.BrowserDetection = $.zozo.core.browser; this.Deeplinking = $.zozo.core.hashHelper; this.lastWindowHeight; this.lastWindowWidth; this.responsive; ; var zozo = pluginName: "zozoTabs", elementSpacer: "", commaRegExp: /,/g, house: " ", responsive: largeDesktop: 1200, computing device: 960, pill: 720, telephone: 480 , modes: tabs: "tabs", stacked: "stacked", menu: "menu", slider: "slider" , states: closed: "z-state-closed", open: "z-state-open", energetic: "z-state-energetic" , pursuits: click: "click", mousover: "mouseover", touchend: "touchend", touchstart: "touchstart", touchmove: "touchmove" , animation: consequences: fade: "fade", none: "none", slideH: "slideH", slideV: "slideV", slideLeft: "slideLeft", slideRight: "slideRight", slideUp: "slideUp", slideUpDown: "slideUpDown", slideDown: "slideDown" , forms: css: "css", jquery: "jquery" , courses: prefix: "z-", wrapper: "z-tabs", tabGroup: "z-tabs-nav", tab: "z-tab", first: "z-first", last: "z-final", left: "z-left", correct: "z-correct", firstCol: "z-first-col", lastCol: "z-remaining-col", firstRow: "z-first-row", lastRow: "z-last-row", active: "z-energetic", link: "z-hyperlink", container: "z-container", content material: "z-content", shadows: "z-shadows", bordered: "z-bordered", darkish: "z-darkish", spaced: "z-spaced", rounded: "z-rounded", topic matters: [ "gray", "black", "blue", "crystal", "green", "silver", "red", "orange", "deepblue", "white" ], flatThemes: [ "flat-turquoise",//1 "flat-emerald", "flat-peter-river", "flat-amethyst", "flat-wet-asphalt", "flat-green-sea",//2 "flat-nephritis", "flat-belize-hole", "flat-wisteria", "flat-midnight-blue", "flat-sun-flower",//3 "flat-carrot", "flat-alizarin", "flat-graphite", "flat-concrete", "flat-orange",//4 "flat-pumpkin", "flat-pomegranate", "flat-silver", "flat-asbestos", "flat-zozo-red" ], styles: [ "contained", "pills", "underlined", "clean", "minimal" ], orientations: [ "vertical", "horizontal" ], sizes: [ "mini", "small", "medium", "large", "xlarge", "xxlarge" ], positions: suitable: "accurate", topLeft: "excellent-left", topCenter: "precise-core", topRight: "desirable-right", topCompact: "good-compact", bottom: "bottom", bottomLeft: "bottom-left", bottomCenter: "backside-middle", bottomRight: "backside-correct", bottomCompact: "bottom-compact" , FLATCLASS = "flat", capable = "equipped", error = "error", opt for = "select", spark off = "set off", DEACTIVATE = "deactivate", HOVERCLASS = "hover", BEFORESEND = "beforeSend", CONTENTLOAD = "contentLoad", CONTENTURL = "contentUrl", CONTENTTYPE = "contentType", DISABLED = "disabled", MENUICONCLASS = "z-icon-menu", DISABLEDCLASS = "z-disabled", STACKEDCLASS = "z-stacked", LIGHTICONCLASS = "z-icons-mild", DARKICONCLASS = "z-icons-dark", AJAXSPINNERCLASS = "z-spinner", UNDERLINEDCLASS = "underlined", CONTAINEDCLASS = "contained", CLEANCLASS = "clean", tablets = "capsules", VERTICALCLASS = "vertical", HORIZONTALCLASS = "horizontal", TOPLEFTCLASS = "good-left", TOPRIGHTCLASS = "right-correct", TOPCLASS = "desirable", BOTTOMCLASS = "bottom", BOTTOMRIGHTCLASS = "backside-correct", BOTTOMLEFTCLASS = "backside-left", MOBILECLASS = "cellular", MULTILINECLASS = "z-multiline", TRANSITION = "transition", ANIMATINGCLASS = "z-animating", MOBILEDROPDOWNARROWCLASS = "z-dropdown-arrow", RESPONSIVECLASS = "responsive", CONTENTINNERCLASS = "z-content-internal"; ZozoTabs.prototype = defaults: delayAjax:50, animation: period: 600, results: "slideH", easing: "easeInQuad", classification: "css", mobileDuration: 00 , autoContentHeight:genuine, autoplay: interval: 0, smart: genuine , bordered: real, dark: false, cacheAjax: true, contentUrls: null, deeplinking: false, deeplinkingAutoScroll:false, deeplinkingMode: "single", deeplinkingPrefix: null, deeplinkingSeparator: "", defaultTab: "tab1", event:, maxRows: three, minWidth: 200, minWindowWidth: 480, mobileAutoScrolling: null,//navTopOffset:-10, contentTopOffset: -10, mobileNav: true, mobileMenuIcon: null, mode: zozo.modes.tabs, multiline:false, hashAttribute: "records-link", place:, orientation: HORIZONTALCLASS, ready: office () , responsive: proper, responsiveDelay: 0, rounded: false, shadows: true, theme: "silver", scrollToContent: false, opt for: characteristic () , spaced: false, deactivate: feature () , beforeSend: office () , contentLoad: feature () , next: null, prev:null, error: characteristic () , noTabs: false, rememberState:false, dimension: "medium", style: CONTAINEDCLASS, tabRatio: 1.03, tabRatioCompact: 1.031, common: itemWidth: 0, itemMinWidth: null, itemMaxWidth: null, groupWidth: 0, initGroupWidth: 0, itemD: 0, itemM: 0, firstRowWidth: 0, lastRowItems:0, import number:0, contentMaxHeight: null, contentMaxWidth: null, navHeight: null, place: null, bottomLeft: null, tabGroupWidth:0 , animating: inaccurate , init: office () var _base = this; //setTimeout( characteristic() _base.settings = $.prolong(proper,, _base.defaults, _base.alternate options, _base.metadata, _base.attrdata); _base.$elem.find(">." + AJAXSPINNERCLASS).get rid of(); _base.$elem.removeClass("z-tabs-loading"); if (_base.settings.contentUrls != null) _base.$elem.locate("> div > div").each(characteristic (index, merchandise) $(merchandise).records(CONTENTURL, _base.settings.contentUrls[index]); ); strategies.initAnimation(_base,genuine); strategies.updateClasses(_base); methods.checkWidth(_base, genuine); strategies.bindEvents(_base); strategies.initAutoPlay(_base); $.zozo.core.plugins.easing(_base); /*load tab state from html5 aboriginal storage*/ if (_base.settings.rememberState === telling && $.zozo.core.assist.html5_storage()) var tab = localStorage.getItem(_base.tabID + "_defaultTab"); if (methods.tabExist(_base, tab)) _base.settings.defaultTab = tab; // examine if Deeplinking is enabled if (_base.settings.deeplinking === real) var _prefix = (_base.settings.deeplinkingPrefix) ? _base.settings.deeplinkingPrefix : _base.tabID; if (document.location.hash) var tab = _base.Deeplinking.get(_prefix, _base.settings.deeplinkingSeparator); if (methods.tabExist(_base, tab)) methods.showTab(_base, tab); //scroll to properly if (_base.settings.deeplinkingAutoScroll === actual) $('html, body').animate( scrollTop: _base.$elem.offset().true - a hundred and fifty , 2000); else strategies.showTab(_base, _base.settings.defaultTab); else methods.showTab(_base, _base.settings.defaultTab); // bind the sustain hashchange, the utilize of jquery-hashchange-plugin if (typeof ($(window).hashchange) != "undefined") $(window).hashchange(characteristic () ); else // Bind the sustain hashchange, the usage of jquery sustain binding, not supported (IE6, IE7) $(window).bind('hashchange', office () var _newTab = _base.Deeplinking.get(_prefix, _base.settings.deeplinkingSeparator); if (!_base.currentTab ); else if (_base.settings.noTabs === real) methods.showContent(_base, methods.getActive(_base, 0)); else strategies.showTab(_base, _base.settings.defaultTab); methods.checkWidth(_base); //fire capable adventure _base.$elem.set off(ready, _base.$elem); recur _base; //, 2000); , setOptions: office (_option) var _base = this; _base.settings = $.extend(real, _base.settings, _option); methods.initAnimation(_base); methods.updateClasses(_base, authentic); //edition 5.0 strategies.initTransition(_base, _base.$tabs.index(_base.currentTab)); strategies.checkWidth(_base, false, actual); strategies.initAutoPlay(_base); recur _base; , add: characteristic (item, content, tabID) var _base = this; var tabOjb = ; if (merchandise != null && typeof merchandise === 'object') if ( = $(; (merchandise.tabID && _base.settings.deeplinking === real) && (, merchandise.tabID)); if (merchandise.content material) tabOjb.content material = $(item.content); else if (item && content) = $("
  • " + merchandise + "
  • "); tabOjb.content = $("

    " + content + "

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_base : this; var _currentIndex = strategies.getActiveIndex(_base); var _count = parseInt(strategies.getLast(_base)); if (_currentIndex >= _count) _base.choose(strategies.getFirst()); else _base.choose(_currentIndex + 1); $.zozo.core.debug.log("next tab : " + (_currentIndex + 1)); recur _base; , remaining: office () var _base = this; _base.opt for(strategies.getLast(_base)); recur _base; , play: feature (interval) , cease: characteristic (_base) _base = (_base) ? _base : this; clearInterval(_base.autoplayIntervalId); recur _base; , refresh: office () var _base = this; _base.$contents.filter(".z-active").css( "reveal": "block" ).exhibit(); strategies.checkWidth(_base); recur _base; ; var strategies = { initAnimation: characteristic (_base, _init) var _effects = $.zozo.core.utils.toArray(zozo.animation.consequences); if ($.inArray(_base.settings.animation.outcomes, _effects) < 0) _base.settings.animation.outcomes = zozo.animation.outcomes.slideH; if (jQuery.browser.cellular) //_base.settings.event = zozo.pursuits.touchend; _base.settings.shadows = false; if ($ === false) _base.settings.animation.type = zozo.animation.kinds.jquery; if (jQuery.browser.cellular) _base.settings.animation.length = 0; if (_base.settings.animation.consequences === zozo.animation.consequences.none && _init ===genuine) _base.settings.animation.length = 0; , updateClasses: feature (_base, _options) _base.$'*').cease(authentic, genuine); _base.tabID = _base.$elem.attr("identity"); _base.$tabGroup = _base.$elem.find("> ul").addClass(".z-tabs-mobile").addClass("z-tabs-laptop"); _base.$tabs = _base.$"> li"); _base.$container = _base.$elem.locate("> div"); _base.$contents = _base.$"> div"); if (_base.$tabGroup.length<=0) _base.settings.noTabs = authentic; var _transition = $; var _noTabs = _base.settings.noTabs; //replace container and content material courses _base.$container.addClass(zozo.classes.container).css(_transition:""); _base.$contents.addClass(; _base.$contents.each and every(function (index, item) var _cont = $(item); _cont.css( "left": "", "good": "", "opacity": "", "monitor": "", _transition: "" ); (_cont.hasClass( && _cont.reveal().css( "screen": "block", _transition: "" ); ); if (_noTabs != actual) _base.$tabs.every(characteristic (index, merchandise) var _tab =$(item); _tab .removeClass( .removeClass(zozo.classes.ultimate) .removeClass(zozo.classes.left) .removeClass(zozo.classes.right) .removeClass( .removeClass( .removeClass( .removeClass( .css( "width": "", "float": "" ) .addClass( .discover("a") .addClass(zozo.classes.hyperlink); (methods.isTabDisabled(_tab)) && (_base.disable(index)); (_base.settings.deeplinking === false) && $(item).attr(_base.settings.hashAttribute, "tab" + (index + 1)) ); _base.$tabs.filter("li:first-baby").addClass(zozo.classes.first); _base.$tabs.filter("li:remaining-baby").addClass(; var _positions = $.zozo.core.utils.toArray(; _base.$elem .removeClass(zozo.classes.wrapper) .removeClass(zozo.classes.rounded) .removeClass(zozo.classes.shadows) .removeClass( .removeClass(zozo.classes.bordered) .removeClass( .removeClass(MULTILINECLASS) .removeClass(LIGHTICONCLASS) .removeClass(DARKICONCLASS) .removeClass(STACKEDCLASS) .removeClass(FLATCLASS) .removeClass( piece of( .removeClass( piece of( .removeClass(_positions.join().exchange(zozo.commaRegExp, zozo.area)) .removeClass( a piece of(zozo.area)) .removeClass( a piece of( .removeClass( piece of(zozo.area)) .addClass(HOVERCLASS) .addClass(_base.settings.trend) .addClass(_base.settings.dimension) .addClass(_base.settings.theme); //console.log( piece of(zozo.area)); // console.log( a piece of(; //easy or black icons (methods.isFlatTheme(_base)) && _base.$elem.addClass(FLATCLASS); (methods.isLightTheme(_base)) ? _base.$elem.addClass(DARKICONCLASS): _base.$elem.addClass(LIGHTICONCLASS); (_base.settings.rounded === authentic) && _base.$elem.addClass(zozo.classes.rounded); (_base.settings.shadows === genuine) && _base.$elem.addClass(; (_base.settings.bordered === actual) && _base.$elem.addClass(; (_base.settings.darkish === real) && _base.$elem.addClass(; (_base.settings.spaced === actual) && _base.$elem.addClass(; (_base.settings.multiline === actual) && _base.$elem.addClass(MULTILINECLASS); methods.checkPosition(_base); if (_base.$elem.find("> ul." + "z-tabs-cell").size) _base.$mobileNav = _base.$"> ul." + "z-tabs-cellular"); else _base.$mobileNav = $(" "); if (_base.$mobileNav) _base.$tabGroup.earlier than(_base.$mobileNav); if (_base.$elem.find("> i." + MOBILEDROPDOWNARROWCLASS).length) _base.$mobileDropdownArrow = _base.$elem.find("> i." + MOBILEDROPDOWNARROWCLASS); else _base.$mobileDropdownArrow = $(""); _base.$tabGroup.earlier than(_base.$mobileDropdownArrow); //eradicate hover category for contact ( && (_base.$elem.removeClass(HOVERCLASS)); , checkPosition: office (_base) _base.$container.appendTo(_base.$elem); _base.$tabGroup.prependTo(_base.$elem); _base.$elem.locate("> span.z-tab-spacer").eliminate(); _base.$elem.addClass(zozo.classes.wrapper); var _isTop = methods.isTop(_base); //set calculate and container peak _base.$contents.each(feature (index, item) var _content = $(item); var _contentClass = CONTENTINNERCLASS; if (!_content.find("> div." + CONTENTINNERCLASS).length) if (_content.hasClass("z-row")) _content.removeClass("z-row"); _contentClass = "z-row " + CONTENTINNERCLASS; _content.wrapInner(" "); $.zozo.core.content.check(_content); ); if (_base.settings.orientation === VERTICALCLASS) if ( !== TOPRIGHTCLASS) = TOPLEFTCLASS; else _base.settings.orientation = HORIZONTALCLASS; if (_isTop === false) _base.$tabGroup.appendTo(_base.$elem); $(zozo.elementSpacer).appendTo(_base.$elem); _base.$container.prependTo(_base.$elem); _base.$elem.addClass(_base.settings.orientation); _base.$elem.addClass(_base.settings.position); if (_isTop) _base.$elem.addClass(TOPCLASS); else _base.$elem.addClass(BOTTOMCLASS); , bindEvents: feature (_base) //leading tab activities var _duration = (_base.settings.animation.effects === zozo.animation.results.none) ? 0 : _base.settings.animation.duration; _base.$tabs.each(characteristic () var _tab = $(this); var href ="a").attr("href"); var goal ="a").attr("goal"); if (!$.trim(href).size) strategies.bindEvent(_base, _tab); else _tab.on('ztap', information: _base.settings.event , characteristic (_event) ($.trim(goal).size) ?, goal) :window.area = href; _event.preventDefault(); ); ); /* $(window).resize(feature () clearInterval(_base.resizeWindowIntervalId); _base.resizeWindowIntervalId = setTimeout(function () strategies.checkWidth(_base); , 200) ); */ $(window).resize(feature () ); //bind next sustain var _nextButton =; if (_nextButton != null) $(_nextButton).on( on, office (_event) _event.preventDefault();; ); //bind prve event var _prevButton = _base.settings.prev; if (_prevButton != null) $(_prevButton).on( on, office (_event) _event.preventDefault(); _base.prev(); ); //mobile dropdown menu adventure if (_base.$mobileNav) _base.$"li").on('ztap', facts: _base.settings.event , office (_event) //_base.$"li").on(_base.settings.event, office (_event) _event.preventDefault(); if (_base.$mobileNav.hasClass(zozo.states.closed)) _base.$mobileNav.removeClass(zozo.states.closed); _base.$tabGroup.removeClass("z-cover-menu"); strategies.mobileNavAutoScroll(_base); else _base.$mobileNav.addClass(zozo.states.closed); _base.$tabGroup.addClass("z-disguise-menu"); methods.refreshParents(_base, _duration); ); _base.lastWindowHeight = $(window).peak(); _base.lastWindowWidth = $(window).width(); _base.$elem.bind(competent, _base.settings.competent); _base.$elem.bind(select, _base.settings.choose); _base.$elem.bind(DEACTIVATE, _base.settings.deactivate); _base.$elem.bind(ERROR, _base.settings.error); _base.$elem.bind(CONTENTLOAD, _base.settings.contentLoad); , bindEvent: feature (_base, _tab) _tab.on('ztap', facts: _base.settings.adventure , characteristic (_event) _event.preventDefault(); //stop autoplay if sane is telling if (_base.settings.autoplay !== inaccurate && _base.settings.autoplay != null) if (_base.settings.autoplay.sensible === genuine) _base.cease(); methods.changeHash(_base, _tab.attr(_base.settings.hashAttribute)); if (methods.allowAutoScrolling(_base) === existent && methods.isMobile(_base)) $(window.opera ? 'html' : 'html, body').animate( scrollTop: _base.$elem.offset().correct +_base.settings.mobileAutoScrolling.contentTopOffset , 0); ); , mobileNavAutoScroll: characteristic (_base) if (methods.allowAutoScrolling(_base) === actual) $(window.opera ? 'html' : 'html, body').animate( scrollTop: _base.$mobileNav.offset().accurate + _base.settings.mobileAutoScrolling.navTopOffset , 0); recur _base; , showTab: office (_base, tab) if (strategies.tabExist(_base, tab) && tab != null && _base.settings.animating !== real) var nextTab = _base.$tabs.filter("li[" + _base.settings.hashAttribute + "='" + tab + "']"); var _nextIndex = _base.$tabs.index(nextTab); var _tabElement = strategies.getActive(_base, _nextIndex); if (_tabElement.enabled && _tabElement.preIndex !== _tabElement.index && _base.settings.noTabs !== authentic) //_base.settings.animating = telling //set existing tab _base.currentTab = nextTab; //update courses _base.$tabs.removeClass(; _base.currentTab.addClass(zozo.classes.energetic); //shop to aboriginal html5 storage if (_base.settings.rememberState === genuine && $ localStorage.setItem(_base.tabID + "_defaultTab", nextTab.information("hyperlink")); strategies.mobileNav(_base, false, _tabElement.index); if (_tabElement.contentUrl) if (_tabElement.preIndex === -1) //transition.init(_base, _tabElement); _tabElement.content.css( "opacity": "", "left": "", "suitable": "", "place": "relative" ).show(); if (_tabElement.contentType === "iframe") methods.iframeContent(_base, _tabElement); else strategies.ajaxRequest(_base, _tabElement); else methods.showContent(_base, _tabElement); , getActiveIndex: feature (_base) var _index; if (_base.settings.noTabs === real) _index = _base.$container.locate(">div." +; else if (_base.currentTab) _index = parseInt(_base.currentTab.index()); else _index = _base.$tabGroup.locate("li." +; recur _index; , getActive: characteristic (_base, _index) var _preIndex = methods.getActiveIndex(_base); var _nextContent = _base.$contents.eq(_index); var _nextTab = _base.$tabs.eq(_index); var _preTab = _base.$tabs.eq(_preIndex); var _transition = $; var _duration = (_base.settings.animation.outcomes === zozo.animation.results.none) ? 0 : _base.settings.animation.period; var _tabElement = index: _index, tab: _nextTab, content: _nextContent, contentInner: _nextContent.locate("> .z-content material-inner"), enabled: strategies.isTabDisabled(_nextTab)===false, contentUrl: _nextContent.facts(CONTENTURL), contentType: _nextContent.records(CONTENTTYPE), noAnimation: false, transition: _transition, duration: _duration, preIndex: _preIndex, preTab: _preTab, preContent: _base.$contents.eq(_preIndex) ; recur _tabElement; , iframeContent: feature (_base, _tabElement) var _iframe = _tabElement.contentInner.locate("> div >.z-iframe"); if (!_iframe.length) methods.showLoading(_base); _tabElement.contentInner.append(' '); console.log("add iframe"); else methods.hideLoading(_base); strategies.showContent(_base, _tabElement); _tabElement.contentInner.locate(".z-iframe").load(characteristic () methods.hideLoading(_base); ); recur _base; , showLoading: characteristic (_base) _base.$container.append(''); recur _base; , hideLoading: office (_base) _base.$">." + AJAXSPINNERCLASS).eradicate(); recur _base; , ajaxRequest: feature (_base, _tabElement) var records = ; var callbackOjb = tab:, content material: _tabElement.contentInner, index: _tabElement.index, xhr: null, message: "" ; $.ajax( class: "GET", cache: (_base.settings.cacheAjax === actual), url: _tabElement.contentUrl, dataType: "html", records: facts, beforeSend: characteristic (xhr, settings) //return fireplace(point, 'ajax:beforeSend', [xhr, settings]); methods.showLoading(_base); _base.settings.animating = real; , error: feature (xhr, reputation, error) if (xhr.repute == 404) callbackOjb.message = " Sorry, error: 404 - the requested content couldn't live discovered. 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"top": "" : "top": "", "min-top": "", "overflow": "" ; /*get rid of content material top and set relative positioning*/ _base.$container.css(_cssProperties); _base.$container.removeClass(ANIMATINGCLASS); setTimeout(feature () _base.$contents.removeClass(; _base.settings.animating = false; _base.$contents.stop(true, true); ); , _tabElement.duration+50); recur _base; ; ZozoTabs.defaults = ZozoTabs.prototype.defaults; $.fn.zozoTabs = characteristic (alternate options) recur this.every(characteristic () if (undefined == $(this).statistics(zozo.pluginName)) var zozoTabs = recent ZozoTabs(this, options).init(); $(this).facts(zozo.pluginName, zozoTabs); ); ; window.zozo.tabs = ZozoTabs; $(document).capable(function () $("[data-role='z-tabs']").every(function (index, merchandise) if (!$(merchandise).zozoTabs()) $(merchandise).zozoTabs(); ); ); )(jQuery, window, document); you're birthright here: home » state » Android app for Engineering students

    DH recent provider, Bengaluru, Nov 2 2017, sixteen:47 IST

    Image for representation.

    picture for representation.

    laptop Science and Engineering students of Cambridge Institute of know-how (CIT), k R Puram, occupy developed an Android utility DigiNotes to entry analyze fabric of distinctive engineering branches of recent CBCS scheme of Visvesvaraya Technological school.

    The CIT college has organized peruse at cloth which is uploaded on Android clients might likewise download the application from google play save.

    Aash Parashar, Abdul Kayes, Adwithi B, Ashwini S Kumar, Binoy Raj, B Krishna Pradeep, Deepesh Kumar Raja, Dhileep M and Himanshu Kumar Gupta, complete 5th-semester college students, occupy developed the software.

  • New motor adds vim and driving enjoyment to Renault ZOE, Europe’s optimal-selling EV | existent questions with brain dumps

    Boulogne-Billancourt, France – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, February 20, 2018

    “due to this energy increase, ZOE is much more responsive and all-around when used for journeys out of city,” says Elisabeth Delval, aide Director, Renault ZOE Programme."

  • Renault has brought a brand recent 80kW electric motor, coming first on ZOE

  • the brand recent R110 motor gives ZOE with added punch and superior versatility when driving backyard city areas

  • The 2018 model-yr ZOE aspects Android Auto compatibility and the addition of an exclusive recent constitution color

  • Renault has revealed its recent R110 electric motor and the 2018 model-year ZOE, Europe’s most fulfilling-selling electric powered automobile, which might live the first Renault EV to office this 80kW powerplant which mixes additional vigour with even stronger using enjoyment. despite being the identical measurement as the R90, the R110 is 12kW (16hp) greater powerful than its predecessor. Drivers will improvement from crisper acceleration efficiency on trunk roads, in view that the brand recent motor shaves just about two seconds off ZOE’s eighty-to-120kph time. this is a imposing improvement which gives even stronger peace of intellect at larger speeds.. At lower speeds, meanwhile, the R110 packs the identical punch because the R90 from which it is derived due to the immediate availability of height torque of 225Nm, making ZOE as spry as ever in urban areas.

    “thanks to this power raise, ZOE is even more responsive and all-around when used for journeys out of city,” says Elisabeth Delval, aide Director, Renault ZOE Programme. “apart from being capable of capitalize from the enjoyment of driving a ZOE, drivers will additionally improvement from the longest purview purchasable for a mass-market electric powered motor vehicle.”

    New R110 motor: Renault’s electric car competencies

    the recent R110 motor is the latest fruit of Renault’s electric motor evolution and production mode and additional evidence of the potential in this box of Europe’s number 1 electric powered vehicle brand. The all-Renault R110 – an evolution of the R90, developed in exactly two years – is made in France at the make’s Cléon plant in Normandy and become designed by passage of engineers figuring out of the Renault Technocentre, southwest of Paris, in addition to in Cléon. besides carrying over the R90’s striking power efficiency, the R110 packs a combination of electrical laptop- and vigour electronics-connected innovations that occupy yielded an additional 12kW with out a raise in both weight or quantity.

    The introduction of the R110 takes the number of editions of the Renault motor purchasable for Kangoo Z.E., grasp Z.E., ZOE and Daimler’s electric powered power smart to 5 (44kW, fifty seven kW, 60 kW, 68 kW and 80 kW).

    Android Auto for ZOE

    Android Auto-enabled R-link Evolution is now available for ZOE, which potential drivers could live capable of expose riding-suitable Android purposes saved on their smartphone (including Waze, Deezer, Spotify, TuneIn, Skype, Messenger, Audible and many others accessible from Google Play keep) on their automobile’s multimedia display.

    much more refined

    The 2018 mannequin-12 months ZOE latitude facets a classy new, darkish, metal carcass color: Blueberry purple. The excessive-conclusion INTENS edition of the widely wide-spread electric powered city car may likewise live specified with the brand recent exclusive Blueberry pink Pack which mixes a crimson exterior with a violet satin conclude for the dashboard trim divest and air vent, apparatus lever base, loudspeaker surrounds, rectify stitching together with black and violet fabric upholstery.

    Order books for ZOE equipped with the recent R110 motor, Android Auto compatibility and Violet Blueberry Pack will open in France in March 2018.

    The R110: Renault’s first electric powered motor to live licensed in line with the brand recent WLTP common

    the brand recent R110 motor will live licensed in response to the brand recent international Harmonized light motors check system (WLTP) which has been step by step rolled out in Europe on account that September 1, 2017, to change NEDC certification. the brand new, extra stern process is meant to mirror actual-be cognizant vehicle utilize more precisely and, within the case of electric powered vehicles, measures driving latitude, expressed in kilometres. the brand recent WLTP cycle, which comprises dynamometer checking out, is longer and involves a far better variety of phases. Speeds are additionally larger and acceleration is tougher. certified ranges are in consequence reduce and extra in-line with actual-world figures. the brand recent manner does not alter ZOE’s real-note latitude which stands at 300 kilometres in urban and peri-urban areas.WLTP certification of the R110 motor is in progress. Early estimations in accordance with the recent WLTP protocol (approximately 300km) assist the precise-world purview figure.

    ZOE, Europe’s top of the line-selling electric powered vehicle

    - In 2017, ZOE become Europe’s top-quality-promoting electric powered vehicle for the third yr working.- more than one electric vehicle in two bought in France in 2017 changed into a ZOE*.- a complete of essentially one hundred,000 ZOEs were made at Renault’s Flins plant in France and bought across the world.- ZOE income occupy consistently climbed yr-on-yr due to the fact that the mannequin’s launch*.- ZOE income in 2017 marked a 44 % multiply over 2016.

    As of end-December 2017

    click on here for technical characteristics.

    ( Press release photo: )

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    information unencumber Distribution and Press release Distribution functions provided by means of WebWire.

    proven: 2018 Renault ZOE gets energy enhance | existent questions with brain dumps

    2018 Renault ZOE R110

    Renault simply introduced introduction of the recent eighty kW R110 electric motor for the 2018 ZOE – Europe’s most suitable-selling EV.

    2018 Renault ZOE R110

    the brand recent motor is 12 kW (16hp) extra efficacious than its predecessor R90, but dimension is the same. In effect, the recent ZOE will accelerate quicker than ever, chiefly within the greater quicken ranges.

    “despite being the equal size as the R90, the R110 is 12kW (16hp) extra potent than its predecessor. Drivers will improvement from better acceleration performance when visiting at higher speeds as the recent motor shaves almost two seconds off ZOE’s 49.7-to-74.5mph (80-120kph) time. here's a significant evolution which gives even stronger peace of intelligence at greater speeds.

    At lessen speeds the R110 packs the identical punch because the R90 from which it is derived because of the immediate availability of top torque of 225Nm, making ZOE as spry as ever in city areas.”

    Order books could live opened quickly in the greatest markets (this Spring in the UK), while deliveries are expected to launch in late summer season. expenses aren’t yet commonly used.

    Elisabeth Delval, aide Programme Director, Renault ZOE, mentioned:

    “because of this vigour increase, ZOE is even more responsive and all-around when used for journeys out of town. moreover being capable of live pleased the enjoyment of riding a ZOE, drivers will likewise capitalize from the longest latitude obtainable for a mass-market electric car.”

    connected – Renault ZOE R110 With 82 kW Motor & CCS Charging Hinted For summer season 2018

    New R110 motor: Renault’s electric car capabilities

    the brand recent R110 motor is the newest in Renault’s electric motor evolution and creation mode and is further evidence of its competencies as Europe’s number 1 electric powered vehicle manufacturer. The R110 has been created peculiarly with the aid of Renault – an evolution of the R90, developed in just two years – and is made on the Cléon plant in Normandy having been designed by passage of engineers based at each the Renault Technocentre and Cléon. besides carrying over the R90’s marvelous energy effectivity, the R110 packs a merge of electrical desktop- and energy electronics-related innovations which occupy yielded a further 12kW with no boost in both weight or extent.

    The introduction of the R110 takes the number of variations of the Renault-designed and -produced motor accessible for Kangoo Z.E., master Z.E., ZOE and Daimler’s sane electric power as much as five (44kW, 57kW, 60kW, 68kW and 80kW).

    2018 Renault ZOE – recent R110 electric powered motor

    2018 Renault ZOE – recent R110 electric motor spec

    different enhancements are Android Auto compatibility and the addition of an unique recent carcass colour, as well as an not obligatory pink interior Pack.

    “Android Auto for ZOE

    Android Auto-enabled R-hyperlink Evolution can live available for 2018-model-yr ZOE, which means drivers should live in a position to display riding-appropriate Android purposes kept on their smartphone (including Waze, Deezer, Spotify, TuneIn, Skype, Messenger, Audible and many others available from Google Play shop) on their automobile’s multimedia screen.

    much more subtle

    The 2018 model-yr ZOE latitude facets a stylish recent darkish metal pink carcass coloration: Aconite. obtainable from the Dynamique Nav version, the ZOE can likewise live precise with the brand recent pink interior Pack which contains a violet satin finish for the dashboard trim divest and air vent, apparatus lever base, loudspeaker surrounds, birthright stitching together with black and violet cloth upholstery.”

    2018 Renault ZOE R110

    2018 Renault ZOE R110

    2018 Renault ZOE R110

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    For the ultimate a couple of years, the universe has been kicking journalists. In 2012, they begun kicking themselves. There turned into Jonah Lehrer and his inaccurate Dylan costs. There was Fareed Zakaria and his purloined paragraph. There become a collection of other offenses, so many that the Poynter Institute’s Craig Silverman sooner or later dubbed these last few months journalism’s “summer of sin.” It turned into happening, many suggested, at least in piece as a result of journalism’s typical first-class control mechanisms were in deep institutional decline; the reality-checkers had left the building.

    linked ARTICLES extra ARTICLES by using Greg Beato

    at the imposing apple times, columnist David Carr invoked that bygone epoch when wayward cub newshounds realized the finer facets of information media ethics by the utilize of “come-to-Jesus moments” where editors “put them up in opposition t a wall and tattooed a message deep into their cranium: prove respect for the basics of the craft, or you would quickly not live piece of it.”

    At Slate, ny university journalism professor Charles Seife, who reviewed 18 of Jonah Lehrer’s blog posts and identified issues in 17 of them,  concluded that Lehrer’s transgressions occupy been “inexcusable,” but likewise that the information trade shared “one of the vital blame for his failure” because it now not subjects its novices to “layers upon layers of editors, commandeer editors, reproduction editors, fact checkers and even (heaven back us!) subeditors earlier than a solitary notice [gets] published.”

    At massive believe, David Berreby referred to as Lehrer “the product of a traffic model this is respectable for media organizations and Dangerous for you, the media buyer,” and counseled that nowadays’s advice outlets occupy largely abandoned journalism’s “aiding machinery,” as a result creating a local weather where “the temptation to cheat will win to live too a much deal for some individuals.”

    however the “summer of sin” didn’t occur as a result of truth-checking doesn’t capture region as a much deal as it as soon as did. It happened as a result of fact-checking got democratized. actual, it now generally occurs at a sunder and doubtlessly troublesome point in the process—after an editorial has been published. however truth-checking likewise occurs passage more transparently than it as soon as did, and overall, it occurs extra commonly too. Now, a solitary reader in his home workplace can achieve in 15 minutes what it may occupy taken the brand recent Yorker’s entire squadron of legendary reality-checkers days to accomplish in, say, 1992.

    Take Jonah Lehrer’s books. After studying motive contributing editor Michael C. Moynihan’s narrative in tablet about how Lehrer had fabricated Bob Dylan prices in imagine, I determined to capture a peruse on the e-book myself. in the course of its 2nd chapter, I came throughout a paragraph that felt oddly widespread: It seemed to live a paraphrase of a paragraph that I had written in a chunk about post-It Notes that I’d posted in 2005 at a now-defunct journal called The Rake. Then, i realized that while Lehrer rates rescue up-It Notes inventor paintings Fry three times in respect about, he didn’t consist of any sources for these costs within the publication’s Notes section, nor did he point out that he’d interviewed Fry. (In distinctive other situations in imagine, Lehrer includes a citation in the Notes locality when he interviews somebody first-hand.) sooner or later, i spotted that one of the costs become kindly of similar to one which looks in my piece, and one more one become similar to one which seems in a Wired article from 2008 that Lehrer didn't write.

    when I emailed Lehrer to put a question to him concerning the provenance of those rates, he didn’t directly reply to me. instead, Andrew Wylie, his agent, contacted me, and explained that Lehrer had interviewed craft Fry in 2008 and that Lehrer had “no reminiscence” of ever studying my article. (Wylie likewise cited that the Wired piece had now not been properly stated in the publication.) In a comply with-up email, Wylie stated that Lehrer could live gay to cite my article in a corrected edition of imagine but repeated the assertion that Lehrer had “no memory” of analyzing it.

    This and other aspects of the alternate gave the impress under simple to me, and made me put a question to yourself precisely how inclined Lehrer was to the kindly of fabrications Moynihan had found. with the remonstrate to assess this, I started reading both imagine and how They decide. What I found was comparable to what Seife found. complete through each books, there are situations the status Lehrer alters quotes, exaggerates statistics, omits key details that appears in his source materials, or otherwise commits journalistic misdemeanors.

    What likewise struck me became how prosperous an counsel ambiance the net has advanced into over the final decade or so. In December 2001, when Ken Layne famously declared, “It’s 2001, and they can verity assess your ass,” a entire lot of advice media shops had forward on-line and it became becoming more and more convenient to peruse how complete of them cribbed from each and every other, how journalists at the identical press convention quoted the equal sources in kindly of alternative ways, and many others. And yet they had been nevertheless in the deceased of night a while then. Google Books didn’t exist. YouTube didn’t exist. Amazon’s emerge interior! characteristic was simply a couple months historic. Most newspaper archives occupy been nonetheless extremely costly to entry. In those days, journalists gaming the facts noiseless benefited from the relative opacity of information.

    nowadays, things are much more transparent. for example, after I started studying How They determine by means of Google Books, I automatically stated a sentence in the publication’s first chapter by which Lehrer purports to depict a snap import Tom Brady exclaims in the midst of super Bowl XXXVI, which took vicinity in 2002:

    Brady reads the Ram defense and calls out a collection of coded instructions: “White twenty! Ninety-six is the Mike! Omaha go!”

    while such vivid, you-are-there bonbons of authenticity are the stuff foremost-sellers are product of, where exactly had it forward from, I questioned. Did Lehrer watch a tape of super Bowl XXXVI with the volume became up definitely loud? Did he tune down Tom Brady years after the fact and quiz him on what he’d shouted on the line of scrimmage complete through that selected second?

    a brief Google search pointed me towards an answer: an identical language is featured in a 2007 article in the Boston Globe that partly reads:

    "White 20!" "96 is the mike!" "White 18!" "fifty seven is the need!" "Set!"...

    "hey Jab!" he yelled out with urgency to his left, within the direction of receiver Jabar Gaffney. "Omaha! Go!"

    So it looks that Lehrer spliced together two snippets of dialogue from 2007, delivered value by means of remodeling the slightly medical “20” and “ninety six” into the more poetic “twenty” and “ninety-six,” then transported the complete shebang lower back to 2002.

    Chapter 2 of How They forward to a decision yields a different sample that suggests how handy it has spin into to reality-verify a writer’s labor now. In it, Lehrer describes how a British military officer, Lieutenant Commander Michael Riley, issued orders to shoot down an unidentified remonstrate complete through the Gulf warfare.

    As Lehrer explains, one major passage officers affection Lt. Riley establish objects that look on their radar screens is with the aid of altitude. while Iraqi Silkworm missiles customarily glide at round 1,000 ft, U.S. A-6 fighter jets glide at round three,000 ft. To discover altitude, Riley’s ship used whatever referred to as a 909 radar.

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