amir blue eyes yin and young crawling remember gypsy athlete boy with cap dj hiding jesus and gabana milk never break the chain scared shogun smell these
amir1 blue eyes2 yin and young3 crawling4 remember5 gypsy6 athlete7 boy with cap8 dj9 hiding10 jesus and gabana11 milk12 never break the chain13 scared shogun14 smell these15
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Mon Graffito - Fine Artist: Drawing and Stencil. Storyteller
If you choose to watch the works presented in the following pages, you do so because you are not bothered by people having a different view of life than yours. You prefer to watch and experience emotions that might be new to you, without spoiling this experience with a transient judgement.
I myself, while drawing these subjects, enjoy the beauty of life, as is presented to me in all its variety and complexity.
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