A man I once met, from Japan, observed my love for photographing people. To understand your subject you’d rather start by drawing it, he said.
I did want to draw but thought that you come into the world with the talent for drawing, or not. It just turned out that you only bring your love for this art with you. Once you have it, there is no stopping from learning how to draw. You learn your whole life, as life has continuously something different or deeper to show you. Take the time, the patience, use your love and your eyes will open like never before.



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Here’s me, probably taking one of my first photographs. I was always torn between experiencing and observing life. At one point I understood that they are interchangeable because each one, observing what you experience and experiencing what you observe, are part of the same continuum.

A few words about the subject of most of my drawings, i.e. the male nude.
When one says “the nude in painting” most of us think of the female nude. That’s because the naked man needed a “reason” to show naked in the arts. Was he a god, a warrior, a victim, model for an artist training, a pinup, the man had to undress not because he wanted to stand up naked but because “someone else made him do it”. And it’s a man’s world or maybe because it’s a man’s world that men suppress men and themselves in many different forms.

I draw the man, I observe the man, I think each of them could as well be me, for better, for worse. The Greeks saw the body as part of the same unity with the spirit. The Christian stories tried to discard the body, promising a realm for the spirit without matter, without blood and flesh. I don’t have a theory (yet?), Im just open to discovery and understanding. I don’t judge, I don’t prise. I observe, I experience, I rejoice in the beauty that life has to offer, in her magnificent varied ways.

mon graffito